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Bill’s Gay 90’s -R.I.P.

2012 March 21
by Iheartnycbars

First, Fedora, then Eliane’s and now this. My favorite bar in NYC is closing. This is a tragedy. Bill’s bar is a New York institution. I am on my way now to plead with them to reconsider.

Update: Bills is closing because the building’s owner, who lives in Ireland, would not renew their lease. The place was making money and the owner of Bills, Barbara offered to match any offer he got.

Here is how it will probably play out: some douchey faux speakeasy type place will take the place of one New York’s last real speakeasies. How much more can New York take before it loses all the places that give it its character and soul? Will NYC end up one day as a just plain outdated version of Shanghai?

On a happier note, Bills will move all its wonderful mementos and the entire wooden bar to a nearby location.

Update 2: Last Saturday was a bittersweet night. There was a huge line to get in. Barbara was given a plaque from the City (woulda preferred an edict in her favor)  Jimmy Fallon showed up to sing Piano Man. New York already misses you Bill.

57 E. 54th St., nr. Madison Ave. 10022 212-355-0243