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Gold Bar

2009 August 15
by Iheartnycbars

gold bar goodThis place has one of the toughest doors in the city. Brooklyn bred Johnny boy guards that door as if it was his sister’s purity. He has even gone on record saying that he has denied his childhood friends entry (I am talking about the bar here). Once you finally get in, you feel as if you were in Donatella Versace and Christian Audigier´s den.  Gold and skulls galore. (It is not as bad or tacky as it sounds.)  The party doesn’t get rolling till late and Sundays the crowd is a tad more diverse. (aka a bit less eurotrashy). Occasional celebrity spottings can occur. If you manage to get past Johnny, it can be fun. But just remember that not everything that glimmers is true gold. (fool’s gold bar?!?)

Hours: Tue-Sun, 10pm-4am; Mon, closed

389 Broome St., nr. Mulberry St., NY 10013    212-274-1568