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The Auction House

2009 June 22
by Iheartnycbars

Picture 2if you ever find yourself in the UES on a weekend night, you’ll be thankful to have this place in your arsenal. It’s not that this bar deserves a trip to the UES, but in the midst 99.4% of the surrounding bars, which are either frat or preppy (depending on how many drinks you or they have had) Auction House is a total oasis. Sorta reminds you of a 90ts bar circa Dawson’s Creek. Good for taking a date. Think R.E.M. and you are practically there.

The bar enforces a strict no-fur policy.

The bar is  ages 25-and-up only on weekends.

Hours: Daily, 7:30pm-4am

300 E. 89th St.,at Second Ave.  10128   212-427-4458